Chris Gorton, a native of New Jersey, found out recently his first improvised song was making up new words to La Cucaracha in his 7th Grade Spanish class. He doubts it was very good. He has been improvising, acting, singing and writing musicals in Chicago for the past four years. He is a graduate of both the Second City Music Conservatory in Chicago and the Magnet Theater’s Musical Program in New York City and is an Alumni of Cupid Has A Heart On. He has co-written three original musicals; Attend the Tale of Danny Tanner, All that Jaws, and One Brain More: A Zombie Les Misical. He has also written hundreds of songs including a love song for Angela Lansbury, and is currently in the process of completing a brand new musical and his first novel. Chris is thrilled to be a part of the VAMP family! All the thanks to his family, friends, Allison and his dog Harvey.