Friday, May 26 VAMP welcomes Mason Black (Director of Chapter Support at Sigma Chi Fraternity, native Georgian, and a VAMP Super Fan) as Guest Bartender for the evening to raise funds for the Huntsman Cancer Institute in its latest round of #DrinkinForAReason.

Mason graduated from the University of West Georgia in April of 2014 and moved to Chicago for work. He discovered VAMP while walking down the street one day; the description of the show at the time was “It’s like ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’, but everyone is Wayne Brady”. His thoughts after that were “Oh I HAVE to see this”. One show (and one bottle of Fireball later) and he was hooked. He’s been a huge fan ever since and his goal is to get other people hooked on the show as well. He’s excited for this show because it showcases the potential outreach for VAMP and the impact it can have on a particular community.

The Huntsman Cancer Institute was chosen because it's not only Sigma Chi Fraternity's preferred philanthropic partner, but they're on the forefront of cancer research and a leader in the study of cancer genetics. They're an organization that follows a rare "lab bench to patient bedside model" taking what's learned in their laboratory directly into the clinic. The best part though is that the donations they'll receive will all go directly towards research.

Grab your tickets, a bottle of Fireball, and join Mason and the rest of the cast (Keenan, Brandon, Courtney, MJ, and Reeny) for a great night of music comedy! We're #DrinkinForAReason! (Wonder how many shots of Fireball Mason gives out to the cast? Over/Under is 7.) #LetsVAMP!