Chicago's crowned King of the Geeks Elliott Serrano joins the cast of VAMP on Saturday, April 22 as a special guest Bartender for the night! Before we get shot thoughts from Elliott behind the bar let's get to know His Geekness, his support for the Anti-Cruelty Society, and his Insta-famous pet cat Sinbad.

You've been crowned "Chicago's King of the Geeks." If you had to name the single most geeky thing you've ever done, what would that be?

The pinnacle of my "geek life" currently is getting to share a stage with Stan Lee as I moderated his panel at C2E2 a few years ago. I was in awe at first, but he was so kind and generous I felt like I was hanging out with a favorite grandparent. He even put his hand on my shoulder in that grandfatherly sort of way. I don't see anything topping that anytime soon!

What's the most geeky thing you've done in the past week?

This past week - this past weekend in fact - I hung out with my buddy Jon Clarke, a fellow comic book writer and host of the "Caffeinated Comics" podcast. We were down in his basement - AKA "Batcave" - drinking whiskey while playing with his extensive collection of superhero action figures. Luckily for Jon he's married with two lovely children. My weekend activities signal permanent single-hood for me though! Hahahah!

Who is your favorite super hero (or villain) and why?

That's funny you ask since Jon and I had that same conversation this past weekend! Well, the answer is multi-layered. My conscious brain says that Spider-Man is my favorite Marvel superhero and Superman my fave from DC Comics.

But the reality is that I relate to those 2 heroes not so much for their hero personas as their "secret identities." I was pretty much Peter Parker in high school, and not the kind-of-cool skater-dude Parker played by Andrew Garfield in the last movie, but totally awkward, dress-like-a-dork as imagined by Steve Ditko Parker.

Today I think I'm closer to Clark Kent than Superman as well. Clark without his vision, though.

Fave villain is easy: Doctor Doom in the Marvel Universe and Darkseid in the DCU.

 Sinbad The Survivor and Elliott.

Sinbad The Survivor and Elliott.

You've got a pretty famous cat, @SinbadTheSurvivor, and you rescued him from The Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago. Why did you choose to rescue over other means of getting a pet?

I've devoted most of my life to animal welfare and have always been a proponent of animal adoption as opposed to getting one from a pet store or breeder. I've also fostered many animals in the past, which each of the pets I've had in my life originating as "foster failures."

When the folks at The Anti-Cruelty Society convinced me to foster Sinbad, I think they were pretty sure that the little guy was going to stay with me as a foster failure too. Hahaha! I'm a sucker like that.

Do you think Sinbad's a geek?

All I know is that he LOVES the fleece Darth Vader blanket that I put down on the bed for him. I'm not sure if that makes him a Sith-In-Training, though. Should I be worried?

How do you feel about guest bartending at VAMP?

Quite honestly, it's something that I've been wanting to do since the time I attended my first VAMP show! The cast looks like they're having so much fun and the audience has a great time. I hope that I can contribute a bit to the great atmosphere the show creates.

Anything you're looking forward to, or fearful of?

I'm looking forward to drinking with the cast. I'm fearful of serving to much a getting the cast drunk. Well, too drunk. I'm also looking forward to getting to be funny with the cast. I'm fearful that I won't be. People tell me I'm a funny guy, though. I've written jokes for comic books, but it's different doing something live and on the seat of your pants. We shall see!

What's your favorite drink?

Whiskey. Neat.