Press Reviews

VAMP Reader Best of 2017.jpeg

"Best Sketch/Improv Troupe"

-Chicago Reader's Best of Chicago 2017

"Best atmosphere for musical improv"

-Newcity's Best of Chicago 2015

"Late on any Friday or Saturday night you can find MCL Chicago’s intimate space on Sheffield packed with a rowdy crowd who love a good BYOB improv show that doesn’t limit consumption to audience members—at “VAMP: A Music Comedy Drinking Show” the performers indulge as well, leading to impressively loose and free-wheeling performances. “VAMP” has been running long enough to be established (and to fill the house on a regular basis) but still maintains an air of fresh, self-aware earnestness. Each show is followed by performer/audience interaction." [link]



-Newcity Stage

"...this is a show worth seeing, the laid-back atmosphere allows for a looser, riskier type of improv than a more structured setup might permit...the punchy, devil-may-care presentation style and quick-witted, self-aware performers (all of whom have impressive improv skills and most of whom back this up with solid vocal abilities) makes for sixty minutes of memorable, melodiously drunk comedy followed by earnest socializing between cast and audience." [link] - Zach Freeman

"The hidden gem of chicago comedy"

-Concierge Preferred

"...VAMP has grown in popularity with a rotating cast of 17 actors and six musicians, called Vampers, that now perform hilarious musicals in front of sold-out crowds weekly. The cast of musically talented comedians act out a multitude of characters, scenes, songs, and dancing all based on audience suggestions. It is impossible to see the same show twice and what keeps the regulars coming back for a night of side-hurting hilarious fun that will not break the bank." [link] - Amanda Cooper

Personal Reviews

 Photo by Meg T. with VAMP performers Reeny Hofrichter (far left) and Andi Sharavsky (far right).

Photo by Meg T. with VAMP performers Reeny Hofrichter (far left) and Andi Sharavsky (far right).

"We stumbled upon this gem while looking for things to do while we're here [Chicago] for the weekend and it was THE BEST thing we did." - Meg T. (Yelp)

"People allude to it being a musical version of "Who's Line is it Anyway", which while a fair description, does not do justice to the difficulty of improv singing. Plus the band rocked. An absolutely awesome way to spend an hour on a Saturday night!" - Max F. (Yelp)

"An absolute must-see. Ridiculous talent. Ridiculous fun. Can't wait to go again!" - Lyra J. (Facebook)

"Had a wonderful night at Vamp! I laughed so hard I spilled my drink!" - Alicia S. (Facebook)

"First of all, it's BYOB which already takes it up a notch, but I need to mention that it would have been just as fun sober. The performers were hilarious and extremely talented, I honestly couldn't pick my favorite...The best part of the show was at the end when the performers came out to hang with us." - Diana H. (Yelp)

"I had part of my sister's Bachelorette Party at MCL Friday June 5th for VAMP and it was great!!" - Cathy L. (Yelp)